"String representation" of trivalent 2-stratifolds

Myriam Hernández Ketchul (Univeristy of Guanajuato)


(Talk in Spanish)

Two dimensional stratifolds are topological objects that have been of particular interest in recent years, due to its possible applications to TDA and other fields of knowledge. However, we really don't know much about them yet. In this talk, we focus only on simply connected 2-stratifolds.

Inspired by the surface classification theorem and based on the algorithm already developed to build this type of stratifolds, we designed an algorithm that not only constructs them but also classifies and counts them. The heart of this algorithm is the invariant called string representation which allows us to identify each trivalent 2-stratifold in a unique way by means of a character string. In this talk, we will explain this algorithm and the invariant of interest.

This is joint work with Jesus Rodriguez-Viorato.

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